Chiropractic for Chronic Disease

How to Deal with Chronic Disease Management

Progressive Health Clinic covers all of Fort Walton and the surrounding areas. We treat many patients who are suffering chronic pain from disorders and diseases like arthritis, diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis, back and neck pain, sciatica discomfort, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea problems. Recent statistics show that 80 percent of older adults are living with chronic disease and that 68 percent of these have a secondary chronic disease. Our chiropractor, Dr. Andrew Godwin, and our staff are dedicated to conquering chronic disease management and improving your quality of life. 

How to Deal with Chronic Disease Management

At Progressive Health Clinic we believe a more holistic approach is the best way to manage the symptoms of chronic disease. Included in this way of thinking is working through issues throughout the body, eating the right foods to prevent aggravation and inflammation, creating an exercise plan that will be comfortable and effective for your particular issues, and preventative care. Simply treating symptoms with medications that will cause further problems isn’t something that we endorse. By addressing the whole body, we can design a specific, personalized plan of action for YOU. Not only will this work better than traditional treatments, in the long run, you will spend less on your healthcare.

With the growing problem of opioid use in our country, chiropractic care for chronic disease management has become preferential.  

What Can Chiropractor Care Do for My Chronic Disease Management?

    • First and foremost is getting and keeping you mobile. A body that is sedentary all the time due to the inability to move because of pain or stiffness will continue to be in pain.
    • Our chiropractor will obtain a complete history, including eating habits, exercise ability, previous injuries and surgeries, existing health concerns, and generational illnesses in order to fully understand what is going on with each of our patients.
    • If chiropractic care is the first choice for feeling better, Dr. Godwin will use controlled, gentle manipulations to bring your body to a relaxed and healthy position. 
    • We use functional nutrition to determine the best foods for your body. Our nutritionist will discuss possible necessary changes with you to decrease pain and other symptoms.
    • The staff at Progressive Health Clinic will teach you exercises you can do at home to increase the success of your program. The regular application of these movements will improve your movement and lessen pain.
    • Preventative care will be advised as lifestyle changes can greatly affect your chronic disease management.

Progressive Health Clinic in Fort Walton is the right choice for your diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, multiple sclerosis, sleep apnea, and other chronic disease issues. Call us today to start on your new journey: (850) 374-3926.


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