Functional Nutrition

If you are in pain or generally don't feel well, there is a good chance that your diet plays some sort of role in why you feel the way you do. We've all been told to "eat right," but sometimes it seems like the answer to how to eat right depends on whom you ask. At Progressive Health Clinic LLC in Fort Walton Beach, FL, functional nutrition is a big part of our practice, and over and over again we find that the old adage of "you are what you eat," holds true. 

Functional Nutrition

Why Nutrition Based Care is Part of Functional Medicine

Chiropractic is all about finding balance in the body, and working with the body so that it can heal itself.  Chiropractic adjustments aren't magic. In order for functional medicine to be effective, we need to get help from you, and it starts with your honesty. We need to know how you are eating so that we can make the right recommendations on what changes you should make in your diet and what supplements may be helpful in helping you to feel better long term.

Our Chiropractor, Dr. Andrew Godwin, D.C., does more than treating neck or back pain. He is also an acupuncturist and a functional medicine doctor, which means he is concerned with the whole health of each patient, and doing his best to investigate and find the underlying cause of the discomfort, rather than treating symptoms only. The goal is to solve the problem. Not just cover it up.

A Knowledgeable Team to Help You Feel Better

With the knowledge of Dr. Godwin and the team at Progressive Health Clinic, LLC in Fort Walton, you'll learn the consequences of eating poorly, and how to make better choices that will allow your system to work more smoothly and reduce pain and inflammation and help with additional issues, such as trouble with digestion, skin and hair problems, energy levels, and more. Based on your current health habits, and the issues you are experiencing, our nutrition team will help you find and maintain the nutritional balance you need through functional nutrition.

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If you are interested in getting healthy, nutrition-based care from your Fort Walton chiropractor could be the key to starting to feel a lot better sooner than you think. To learn more, contact Progressive Health Clinic LLC in Fort Walton Beach, FL at 850-374-3926 to schedule an appointment.


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