Text Neck

Have you recently been experiencing neck pain? If so, the amount of time you spend looking at your cell phone, tablet, or a similar device may be to blame. "Text Neck" is a condition caused by the excessive stretching of the back muscles. One way to reduce discomfort is with a trip to Progressive Health Clinic in Fort Walton Beach to meet with our chiropractor. Read on to learn what causes text neck, how to prevent it, and what stretches you can do to relieve discomfort from this condition.


The Causes of Text Neck

Text neck usually occurs when someone has poor posture when looking at his or her cell phone or similar device. Looking at reading material with poor posture also causes this condition. When you look downward for long durations of time or at frequent intervals, hunching your back and dropping your head forward causes your shoulders to round. If you become involved with the information in front of you, this position stretches the muscles in the back of your neck which causes discomfort.

How to Prevent Text Neck

The best way to prevent this condition is by being aware of the amount of time that you spend looking at devices or reading material in front of you. Set an alarm before reading your device or a book to remind you to look away after a few minutes. This will cause you to sit or stand upright, helping to reduce the amount of time your head drops forward. Your neck muscles will then not be overused. Consider using a stand for your device so it can be propped up at eye level. This will keep your head from dropping forward.

Stretches That Help Reduce Neck Pain

If you know you will be using a device or reading often, stretches can be done to minimize the risk of discomfort. To stretch your hands, ball them into fists and then outstretch your fingers for several seconds before clenching them into fists once again. Repeat this action up to ten times per session. Squeezing a stretch ball for 30 seconds also reduces hand pain from using a device. To decrease the chance of pain in your neck, stand up straight and keep your arms at your sides. Slowly turn your forearms so that your thumbs point behind you. Turn your forearms back to their original position after a few seconds.

Neck pain that happens chronically can be treated with chiropractic care. Contact Progressive Health Clinic in Fort Walton Beach to make an appointment with our chiropractor when you’re experiencing neck pain. Call our practice at 850-374-3926 for more information about the many services we provide.


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